What We Do

Business Max designs custom layout, graphics and navigation to meet your website requirements. We can also provide e-commerce set-up if your business requires online sales. In addition, we can design flash, photo galleries and image navigation. We will also provide photo cropping, enhancement and background removal, to make your photos web ready. And if writing is not your thing, we can write content for you!

If you’re looking to add a blog, Business Max will customize a WordPress installation to match your existing website. Or, if you intend to update your website’s content frequently, we will design a customized theme for WordPress to use as a content management system.

In addition to the design of your website, Business Max can provide domain registration and web hosting for your website.

Whether it’s the design of a new site, or makeover of your old website, or simply maintenance of your current website, Business Max will ensure your site is performing efficiently and attractively for your users.